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at System.IO.Compression.DeflaterZLib.DeflateInit(CompressionLevel compressionLevel, Int32 windowBits, Int32 memLevel, CompressionStrategy strategy)
at System.IO.Compression.DeflaterZLib..ctor(CompressionLevel compressionLevel)
at System.IO.Compression.DeflateStream..ctor(Stream stream, CompressionMode mode, Boolean leaveOpen)
at System.IO.Compression.GZipStream..ctor(Stream stream, CompressionMode mode, Boolean leaveOpen)
at ChronoRace.Tools.Zipper.Compress(Byte[] buffer) in D:\chronorace\git\chronorace-git\Modules\Infrastructure\Legacy\ChronoRace.Tools\Zipper.cs:line 18
at ClassementsClassement.GetVideoLink(String video) in D:\chronorace\git\chronorace-git\Web\Registration\ChronoRace.WEB.Azure\Classements\Classement.aspx.cs:line 603
at ClassementsClassement.AdjustVideoLink() in D:\chronorace\git\chronorace-git\Web\Registration\ChronoRace.WEB.Azure\Classements\Classement.aspx.cs:line 674
at ClassementsClassement.GenereRapport() in D:\chronorace\git\chronorace-git\Web\Registration\ChronoRace.WEB.Azure\Classements\Classement.aspx.cs:line 1032

Query: select cdta.id_Classement as sH_IdClassement, case when isnull(state,'')='' then cast(pos_categ as varchar)+'.' else state end as [sR_#RANG] , dossard as [sI_#NR] , case when sexe<>'M' then sexe else '' end as sC_ ,case when isnull(privacy,0)&8192!=0 then 'ANONYMOUS' else isnull(nom,'')+' '+isnull(prenom,'') end as [sB_#NAME] , case when year(naissance)>1900 then cast(2020-year(naissance) as varchar) else '' end as [sC_#AGE] , isnull(nationalite,pays) as [sC_#NAT] , left(club_open,25) as [#OPEN] , officiel as [sB_t_#OFFICIEL] , case when pos>0 then officiel/(cast(isnull(distance,10000) as float)/1000.0) else 0 end as [t_#TKM] , case when pos>0 and isnull(officiel,0)>0 then str(cast(isnull(distance,10000) as float)/cast(officiel as float)*3600.0,6,2) else '' end as [sI_#MOYENNE] , pos as [sIL_#SCRATCH] , ville as [sI_#LOCALITE], runners_tv as sH_RTV,'' as sH_SRTV,case when runners_tv<>'' then 'video.gif' else '' end as dI_sC_SSRTV_uRTV_ from classement_data cdta where isnull(state,'')<>'DNS' and id_Classement=20946 and (null is null or idx-1>=null) and (null is null or idx-1<=null) and (null is null or ville like null) and (null is null or club_ligue like null) and (null is null or club_open like null) and ('F50' is null or categ = 'F50') and (null is null or (dossard=null) or (isnull(nom,prenom) like null) ) order by idx