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Saint-Ghislain, 08/05/2022, BEL - Semi-Marathon de l'Ourse
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1.5141FDELCROIX Emy27BELSTEP AND RUN25:2125:215:05 11.8438ELOUGES
2.5091FRICHARD Eleonore26BEL29:0129:015:49 10.3459
3.5077FTHIBEAU Justine29BELCC TEAM29:2129:215:53 10.2262AUDREGNIES
4.5114FPOLLET Julie27BEL33:3833:386:44 8.9289MASNUY-SAINT-PIERRE
5.5092FLABARRÈRE Victoria27BEL34:4234:426:57 8.6596
6.5039FCOLASURDO Cristina25BEL36:5036:507:22 8.15112SIRAULT
DNF: did not finish; DSQ: disqualified; Speed in km/h
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