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Tessenderlo, 04/07/2021, BEL - The ENGIE Classic
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1.562GOORMANS Koen44BEL26:114:22 13.7610NIJLEN
2.526STEVEN De Keyser43BEL31:035:11 11.6031AVERBODE
3.304CUVILLIER Michel40BEL32:555:30 10.9444TESSENDERLO
4.813BOONS Tom42BEL34:205:44 10.4958DUFFEL
5.13SCHOOFS Thierry40BEL35:275:55 10.1664AVERBODE
6.948MARIEN Gunther42BEL38:096:22 9.4490MOL
7.827TIMMERMANS Bert42BEL38:326:26 9.3495HAM
DNF: did not finish; DSQ: disqualified; Speed in km/h
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