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Ecully, 12/03/2020, FRA - Bike and Run Grandes Ecoles et Universités
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1.128ISARA 30FRA26:204:24 13.681eqm
2.110EMLYON BS 30FRA28:214:44 12.702eqm
3.107XINSA LYON 40FRA30:395:07 11.751eqx
4.118ISAT 30FRA32:525:29 10.953eqm
5.109EMLYON BS 30FRA34:475:48 10.354eqm
6.120ISAT 30FRA35:055:51 10.265eqm
7.113XEMLYON BS 40FRA35:285:55 10.152eqx
8.105XEMLYON BS 40FRA36:166:03 9.933eqx
9.114FESTBB 20FRA40:376:47 8.871eqf
10.124FESTBB 20FRA40:386:47 8.862eqf
11.116ISAT 30FRA40:496:49 8.826eqm
12.121XMINES SAINT ETIENNE 40FRA41:186:53 8.724eqx
13.125FGRENOBLE INP Estbb20FRA44:017:21 8.183eqf
14.127FESTBB 20FRA44:167:23 8.134eqf
15.123FGRENOBLE INP Insa Lyon20FRA44:497:29 8.035eqf
16.130FEMLYON BS 20FRA44:587:30 8.016eqf
17.115FEMLYON BS 20FRA45:017:31 8.007eqf
18.106FEMLYON BS 20FRA45:027:31 8.008eqf
19.126CPE LYON 30FRA45:087:32 7.987eqm
20.104FEMLYON BS 20FRA45:457:38 7.879eqf
21.111XGRENOBLE INP 40FRA46:257:45 7.765eqx
22.119FESTBB 20FRA46:487:48 7.6910eqf
DNF: did not finish; DSQ: disqualified; Speed in km/h
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