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Ecully, 12/03/2020, FRA - Bike and Run Grandes Ecoles et Universités
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1.93INSA LYON 30FRA49:463:50 15.671eqm
2.47EMLYON BS 30FRA50:153:52 15.522eqm
3.65GRENOBLE EM 30FRA50:183:53 15.513eqm
4.3GRENOBLE INP 30FRA51:023:56 15.294eqm
5.95INSA LYON 30FRA53:344:08 14.565eqm
6.56EMLYON BS 30FRA53:534:09 14.486eqm
7.29SCIENCES PO LYON 30FRA54:254:12 14.347eqm
8.54SCIENCES PO LYON 30FRA54:514:14 14.228eqm
9.46EMLYON BS 30FRA54:514:14 14.229eqm
10.40ECOLE CENTRALE LYON 30FRA55:184:16 14.1110eqm
11.26EMLYON 30FRA56:284:21 13.8211eqm
12.76EMLYON BS 30FRA57:284:26 13.5812eqm
13.11ISAT Ecole Centrale Lyon30FRA57:574:28 13.4613eqm
14.1ECOLE CENTRALE LYON 30FRA58:004:28 13.4514eqm
15.66FINSA LYON 20FRA59:114:34 13.181eqf
16.58EMLYON BS 30FRA59:234:35 13.1415eqm
17.82XINSA LYON 40FRA59:594:37 13.001eqx
18.2GRENOBLE INP 30FRA1:00:024:38 12.9916eqm
19.73EMLYON BS 30FRA1:01:084:43 12.7617eqm
20.97CPE LYON 30FRA1:01:314:44 12.6818eqm
21.52FINSA LYON 20FRA1:03:084:52 12.362eqf
22.94ECOLE CENTRALE LYON 30FRA1:03:104:52 12.3519eqm
23.51ISAT 30FRA1:03:364:54 12.2720eqm
24.90EMLYON BS 30FRA1:03:404:54 12.2521eqm
25.39XGRENOBLE EM 40FRA1:04:114:57 12.162eqx
26.64XEMLYON BS 40FRA1:04:434:59 12.053eqx
27.35INSA LYON 30FRA1:04:444:59 12.0522eqm
28.68XEMLYON BS 40FRA1:05:425:04 11.874eqx
29.55XEMLYON BS 40FRA1:05:495:04 11.855eqx
30.70XEMLYON BS 40FRA1:06:055:05 11.806eqx
31.38SCIENCES PO LYON 30FRA1:06:095:06 11.7923eqm
32.86EMLYON BS 30FRA1:06:175:06 11.7724eqm
33.77GRENOBLE EM Arts & Metiers30FRA1:06:355:08 11.7225eqm
34.71FINSA LYON 20FRA1:08:125:15 11.443eqf
35.7EMLYON BS Grenoble Inp30FRA1:08:175:16 11.4226eqm
36.6FGRENOBLE INP Emlyon Bs20FRA1:09:275:21 11.234eqf
37.8XEMLYON BS Arts & Metiers30FRA1:10:465:27 11.021xxx
38.83XEMLYON BS 40FRA1:10:575:28 10.997eqx
39.67XSCIENCES PO LYON 40FRA1:11:535:32 10.858eqx
40.87FEMLYON BS 20FRA1:12:095:33 10.815eqf
41.49XEMLYON BS 40FRA1:12:305:35 10.769eqx
42.91XESCP EUROPE Emlyon Bs40FRA1:12:365:36 10.7410eqx
43.59XEMLYON BS 40FRA1:13:215:39 10.6311eqx
44.14EMLYON BS Estbb30FRA1:13:265:39 10.6227eqm
45.85FEMLYON BS 20FRA1:14:525:46 10.426eqf
46.48FINSA LYON 20FRA1:15:425:50 10.307eqf
47.72MINES SAINT ETIENNE 30FRA1:17:005:56 10.1328eqm
48.92XEMLYON BS 40FRA1:17:566:00 10.0112eqx
49.62XISARA Emlyon Bs40FRA1:18:006:00 10.0013eqx
50.84FEMLYON BS Grenoble Inp20FRA1:18:586:05 9.888eqf
51.28FISARA 20FRA1:19:086:06 9.869eqf
52.79EMLYON BS 30FRA1:19:276:07 9.8229eqm
53.57XARTS & METIERS 40FRA1:19:306:07 9.8114eqx
54.30ISARA 30FRA1:20:596:14 9.6330eqm
55.43FEMLYON BS 20FRA1:24:036:28 9.2810eqf
56.74FEMLYON BS 20FRA1:24:246:30 9.2411eqf
57.75FEMLYON BS 20FRA1:25:356:35 9.1112eqf
58.88FEMLYON BS 20FRA1:26:316:40 9.0213eqf
59.34FISARA 20FRA1:33:167:11 8.3614eqf
60.27GRENOBLE INP 30FRA1:36:177:25 8.1031eqm
61.63XEMLYON BS 40FRA1:40:347:45 7.7615eqx
DNF: did not finish; DSQ: disqualified; Speed in km/h
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