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La Gileppe, 12-14/08/2016, BEL - La Gileppe Trophy Orbea
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1.5319XBELLYCOLOR 32BELBELLYCOLOR1:08:012:17 26.381equ
2.5274LIGNA SYSTEM BELLIGNA SYSTEM1:12:322:26 24.731xxx
3.5372Cqc Team BELCQC TEAM1:16:502:35 23.351eqm
4.5381XScbtri BELSCBTRI1:17:002:35 23.301eqx
5.5230XDERNIERE MINUTE 30BELDERNIERE MINUTE1:17:372:36 23.122equ
6.5380XPmx BELPMX1:17:562:37 23.022eqx
7.5371Bernard'S Family Team BELBERNARD'S FAMIL1:19:032:39 22.702eqm
8.5375Les Gazelles BELLES GAZELLES1:19:592:41 22.433eqm
9.5378XMembach BELMEMBACH1:20:322:42 22.283eqx
10.5382XTncc FRATNCC1:21:232:44 22.054eqx
11.5385FWaco BELWACO1:22:152:46 21.811eqf
12.5374XGtc BELGTC1:23:432:48 21.435eqx
13.5373Endurance Team Zaventem BELENDURANCE TEAM 1:23:492:49 21.414eqm
14.5384FTrts BELTRTS1:24:232:50 21.262eqf
15.5267XLES BOULIS 25BELLES BOULIS1:24:472:51 21.163equ
16.5379Mobers/baum/dechamps BELMOBERS/BAUM/DEC1:25:012:51 21.105eqm
17.7003XTRIATHLON ARDENNES 16BEL1:30:363:02 19.804equ
18.5242PXS 56BELPXS1:43:033:27 17.411h50
19.5383XTriathlon Ardennes BELTRIATHLON ARDEN1:44:403:31 17.146eqx
20.5376FLes Pintades BELLES PINTADES1:48:173:38 16.573eqf
21.5253XNADERICK AND GO BELNADERICK AND CO1:56:033:53 15.465equ
22.5377FMalleul BELMALLEUL1:56:343:54 15.394eqf
DNF: did not finish; DSQ: disqualified; Speed in km/h
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