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Waimes, 13/05/2018, BEL - Raid Ardenne Bleue
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1.284-FETA De Combat BELKARINAS Yannick / KARINAS3:01:43103Saint Ghislain
2.262-LOS Pollos BELSCHAUERGANS Vincent / GUE3:13:23143Lontzen
3.245-MOCHES-MEN BELPIRON Pierre-Alexandre / 3:36:05210Septroux (Aywaille
4.231-PIERRE Marganne BELMARGANNE Pierre / FLAMENT3:43:06229Bolland
5.241-BORN To Be Wild BELDILLIES Edouard / GAESTEL3:43:37233Brussels
DNF252-LES Bruviers BELBRUNI Yannick / BAIVIER LOlne
DNF: did not finish; DSQ: disqualified; Speed in km/h
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