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Namur, 08/09/2019, BEL - Fintro Jogging Ville de Namur
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1.2032FPIETERS Nicole6329:285:05 11.81111FLAWINNE
2.2373FVASCONCELLOS Claudia Ines6034:275:57 10.10186UCCLE
3.2179FFRANCOISE Béatrice6036:186:16 9.59222VEDRIN
4.2255FGILLARD Jeannette6036:196:16 9.59223BDV
5.2110FPENNETREAU Annie6137:226:27 9.31235NAMUR
6.2170FGILLES Francoise6338:456:41 8.98250NAMUR
7.2171FLISSOIR Marie-Christine6139:126:46 8.88254JAMBES
8.2367FMIROUX Monique6544:307:41 7.82294GESVES
9.2413FDELVAUX Martine6044:407:42 7.79297BEEZ
10.2038FSPINNOY Anne Marie6849:118:29 7.08311KOKSIJDE
DNF: did not finish; DSQ: disqualified; Speed in km/h
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